Christian pastor organising major rally against anti-semitism

Mark Leach, a Sydney Anglican minister, is leading a multi-faith rally against anti-semitism and hate speech, expressing solidarity with the Jewish community. The Never Again Is Now rally will be held in Sydney’s Domain on February 18 at 2 pm. Participants include former deputy PM John Anderson, Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes, Senator Jackie Lambie, Warren Mundine, Michelle Pearse, CEO of the Australian Christian Lobby and the Dean of Sydney’s St Andrews Cathedral, Sandy Grant, and Mizrachi Bondi Synagogue’s Rabbi Shua Solomon.

The Sydney rally will be followed by an Adelaide rally on March 3, with dates for Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, and Hobart yet to be announced.

“The Christian community is banding together with other faiths in The Domain on February 18 under the Australian flag, calling for an Australia where everyone is free to get on with their lives in safety,” said Leach, the senior pastor at Darling Street Church.

“This is a Christian-led event to stand against all forms of hate. It’s been shocking to see members of the Jewish community afraid to leave their homes or having to pull their children out of mainstream schools due to safety concerns, as they are confronted with a barrage of hate”.

“Iranian demonstrators will also be showing their support for the cause and we’re calling on people to bring along an Australian flag in a sign of unity.”

Leach made news around the world when he held a brief one-person protest, unfurling an Israeli flag at a Pro-Palestinian rally in Sydney just two days after the October 7 terrorist attacks. He was chased but evaded his pursuers, hiding behind a police van.

“I heard the protest was being organised, and at the same time, police were advising Jewish people to stay at home, even though they were the victims of this atrocity”.

“I thought as a Christian pastor whose mother happened to be a Jew in the holocaust, and as an everyday Australian, I needed to turn up and show that we stand against the genocidal barbarism of Hamas”.

Never Again Is Now rally co-organiser Hagit Ashual, a program manager for the Australian Union of Jewish Students, says the purpose of the gathering is to unite Australians and send a message to Jewish people worldwide that they are not alone.

“There have been instances of Jewish students, afraid to wear their uniform while travelling to school, in fear of being identified as Jewish. Or not wanting to wear a Star of David or yarmulke in public”.

“This is totally un-Australian and anti-semitism and religious extremism is not acceptable”.

“There will be Christians, the Jewish community, secular and other Australian communities, as well as public figures joining us, for an afternoon of powerful speeches of peace and love, music and solidarity,” he added.

5,000 people have registered to join the rally at

Image: Mark Leach waves the Israeli flag protesting a pro-Palestinian rally. Credit: Mark Leach FB