When turning the other cheek is too weak: why welding the church to extreme politics is a bad idea

Jesus signs on Jan 6

Russell Moore, the former Southern Baptist heavyweight, now editor-in-chief of Christianity Today, told National Public Radio (similar to ABC Radio National) that evangelicalism needs to be rescued. He commented to NPR’s Scott Detrow, host of All Things Considered why he… Continue Reading


‘Undeceptions’ and ‘Church and State’ conferences set two different agendas for Christians

Two sets of Christian conferences have opened in multiple cities within a few weeks, with a different vision, especially around politics. The new Undeceptions conference has run events in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane in its inaugural season. And the Church… Continue Reading

60 minutes scores a direct hit on fringe Pentecostal church, but the rest of conservative Christianity is collateral damage

60 minutes City Builders story

Nick Mackenzie, one of Australia’s best journalists, has uncovered a tale of pastoral and spiritual abuse if the allegations against City Builders church based in Sale Victoria are true.  “Praying for Power,” Mackenzie’s 60 Minutes story, with other articles in… Continue Reading