Religious leaders’ letter to Albanese Government: schools need real protections

Religious leaders, Catholic, Islamic, evangelical Anglican, Orthodox, Baptist, Pentecostal and Jewish, have written a joint letter to the Albanese government defending the right of religious schools to preference people of faith on their staff, the letters in response to an… Continue Reading


Why the Archbishop of Canterbury is right to take the Stolen Generation seriously: let’s not deny the harms of colonialism, and its aftermath

In the official denominational magazine of the Presbyterian Church of Australia, AP, Mark Powell  Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Hobart writes “Ten things Justin Welby should know about the ‘stolen generations.’” This journal might seem an odd place to interact with the… Continue Reading

A calm discussion about ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ for Christians

Aboriginal Flag

The Queensland Presbyterians’ Gospel in Society Today (GiST) team has produced a well-researched paper on Acknowledgement of Country (AoC) for Christians. “Welcome and Acknowledgement of Country: help and guidance for Christians” is available at It steps through the issues… Continue Reading