$100m of ads for Jesus: what do you think of them?

He gets us campaign screenshot

Two ads for Jesus from the “He gets us” campaign ran in the US footy final, the SuperBowl. They are art of a campaign costing $US100m, the football slots cost a reported $US20m.

Here is the first one

Here’s what He gets us say about the ad: “Jesus knew how it felt like to be falsely judged. The government and religious authorities of Jesus’ day saw Jesus and his disciples as troublemakers, lawbreakers, and rebels. Jesus and his crew were eyed with suspicion whenever they entered a new city or walked down the street. Rumours and false accusations swirled. Everything they did was questioned or challenged. The truth is, they were rebels. They were challenging authority. But they were not criminals. They were rebels for peace. They challenged others to love everyone. This was a radical idea that the leaders of that time couldn’t see or wouldn’t embrace. But that didn’t stop Jesus or his followers. They did the right thing despite the misunderstanding and biases within their society.”

And number two: – were are not sure which of several they are running. Here’s a likely contender because it was just added to their website


(The embed wouldn’t take) See other videos at https://hegetsus.com/en

UPDATE: this one was shown https://youtu.be/f5x1RyJOwP8

“He gets us” is donor-funded, including funds from Hobby Lobby founder and billionaire David Green. It has mainstream backers such as the Luis Palau Association, the National Association of Evangelicals, and Christianity Today magazine.

UPDATE The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) have asked theothercheek to make clear the NAE is not a funder of the he gets us campaign. “While the National Association of Evangelicals has collaborated on the ministry opportunities pertaining to the campaign, it is not a donor.” This will possibly apply to the other evangelical organisations we mentioned back the campaign.


  1. It would be more effective if the word of God was put up, especially on controversial issues such as creation/evolution. For every word of God has power.

  2. Although Christian Ad campaigns are not as effective
    as personal one on one, I am impressed by this US campaign targeting young people and spiritually open skeptics. The slogan “He gets us” works well.
    Already the website has 122 million viewers plus the record number of viewers at the big game. It was covered by major media outlets including The New York Times. (Social commentator Hugh Mackay writes about effective Christian communication in my book, “God’s Ad-Man”. $15. Go to [email protected].

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