Jesus movie gets a reboot: a new animation is on the way

Jesus movie 2026

A feature-length animated film about the Life of Jesus, currently in production, is set for release on Christmas 2026 in 34 countries and 100 languages. The movie comes from Cru Global (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), which produced the 1979 Jesus movie, which has had over ten billion viewings.

Sneak previews of scenes from the new movie have been shown at gatherings in Australia, organised by Power To Change, the local Cru affiliate – with a strict protocol for viewers to put their phones away. The healing of Jairus’ daughter was the preview scene – for this observer, Jesus speaking in a non-American, somewhat mid-eastern accent was significant. He’s not blonde, blue-eyed or white, either. Animators who have worked at Pixar, Disney and Dreamworks have collaborated on the new animation according to Gabe Handy the movie’s Executive Producer.

Cru aims to have the new film in over 2,000 language versions. Power to Change is seeking churches, denominations or networks to prepare to use the movie and donors to partner to get it seen. It will debut with a cinema season, but the aim is to get it much more widely used.

“This is a mission tool that happens to be a movie,” Geoff Peters, Global Marketing Director, told the Sydney gathering at Wesley Theatre—a line he uses everywhere The Other Cheek is sure. Peters pointed to a Jesus Send app that will enable churches and other groups to customise with their logo and information.

“Jesus no one argues with Jesus: There is a real hunger for the only perfect life ever lived,” said Young Goh, the National Project Director at Power To Change. He was making the point that the movie will be something easy to invite people to.

Power to Change sets out their goal for 2026: Imagine what could be accomplished with…
• 10,000+ churches working and praying together
• 500 Cinemas across our nation
• 2000+ screenings of the film

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