Get ‘Merry’ before Christmas

Christmas is Merry Quiz Worx

Tens of thousands of children will see a Jesus-centred message in state schools in Queensland and NSW from the Quiz Worx team, who have already started their 360 live puppet shows. But tens of thousands more children will get the message from Christmas is Merry, a new video from the team. An estimated 100,000 children are hearing about Jesus.

Preview Christmas is Merry here.

The whole show is here and available if you register. It is recommended by the lesson providers and creators of Beginning with God, Connect, Big Questions and GodSpace. In Queensland and NSW, parents opt their children into lessons called RI (Religious Instruction) and SRE (Special Religious Education), respectively, in State schools.

Christmas is Merry from Quiz Worx is just that – a merry and joyful look at the Christmas story with puppets, animations, songs, rubber chickens and more!” Emma Ridley of God Space enthused. “Linking the Christmas story and familiar Christmas decorations will support student’s engagement and help them connect Christmas with the hope of Jesus for many years to come.”

But it is not just for the kids, Matt Gorton Quiz Worx’s Creative Director tells The Other Cheek. “We received this really encouraging feedback a few days ago after a mini-tour to the Southern Tablelands of NSW: 

One Christian staff member told us of the opportunities this visit created for them to discuss their faith with their colleagues, as the staff who had attended enthusiastically discussed what they had seen.
“Another SRE teacher shared the joy and laughter they witnessed as the kids sang along and joined in with the presentation.
“The (non-Christian) Principal of one school was extremely enthusiastic about the benefits of this show to his children and can’t wait to welcome you back again ‘as soon as possible’.

“So we know that as we write, practise and perform these shows, we are helping kids and adults alike have a great time, and, we pray, helping them question and explore what it is that Christmas is all about.”

And the performers told The Other Cheek the video was fun to make: “

“I have two highlights,” said Chrissy Kuruvilla: “The first was filming the Angels and Shepherds scene with about 40 wonderful kids from George’s River Grammar School. There was a lot of laughing, energy, and so much tinsel! And who knew turning an Oodie inside out would make the perfect sheep costume!

“The second highlight was filming the shopping scene inside The Christmas Shop in Ramsgate in southeastern Sydney. They were so wonderful to let our crazy puppets take over their beautiful shop. We had a lot of fun.”

Michael Pickering enjoyed working with a Quiz Worx puppet: “Easily the most fun part about making this video was being together with much of the team on the Gold Coast to film it. In our video the creativity of so many members of the team is on display. In particular, I always enjoy working with Oswald and his handler, Richard; they really are consummate professionals.”